Fernando Arce announced as recipient of Neal Poppin Award!


Yesterday I shared about Special Guest Colin Farrell at Gatepath’s The Power of Possibilities event where a very special award was announced. Embed from Getty Images In addition to the discussion with Farrell, Gatepath announced the recipient of this year’s Neal Poppin Award, which honors an individual whose determination, spirit, and enthusiasm transcends any limitations he or she has faced. This year’s award recipient, Fernando Arce, was born nearly three months premature. He weighed less than two pounds, … Continue reading

Colin Farrell Speaks at Gatepath’s Power of Possibilities Event!


Actor Colin Farrell was the featured guest at Gatepath’s annual The Power of Possibilities event. As a parent of a child with special needs, Farrell has a personal connection to Gatepath’s mission of creating a world where people of all abilities are fully accepted, respected and included. The accomplished Irish-born actor, who has a 13-year-old son diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, shared his insights and journey as a parent in an open and heartfelt conversation moderated … Continue reading

60% of Online Population Reads Books Either Daily or at Least Once a Week!


Sadly, the US is not the leader when it comes to reading books! – China has highest percentage of “every day“ book readers –Netherlands and South Korea tie for the highest percentage who say they never read books –Women are more likely to be avid book readers than men A 17-country report just released by global market analysts, GfK, shows that 30 percent of the international online population read books “every day or most days“. This … Continue reading

Helping Helper by Tara C Allred!


“He’s not a friend, he’s my husband. And he’s gone.” En route to Salt Lake City, intending to start over, their car breaks down near the struggling mining town of Helper, Utah—and then Tony leaves Kora behind. ​ Alone, broken and angry, especially that her family was right in their judgment against Tony, Kora decides to stay in Helper and aid in it’s art-centered transformation. ​ But in working to save her new home, Kora … Continue reading

Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Bed!


It’s nice to spend a lazy day off in bed. We associate relaxing in bed with being completely at ease and content. However, when you’re assigned bed rest after an operation or injury, lying in bed can go from enjoyable to excruciatingly boring pretty quickly. If you’re stuck in bed for medical reasons and can’t bear to watch one more episode of television, then try one of these fun activities that you can easily do … Continue reading

Kevin Costner, Water Planet Team Up to Advance Sustainable Water!


In 2009, famed actor and environmentalist Kevin Costner and Eric Hoek, then a professor of engineering at UCLA, joined forces to develop a system aimed at cleaning up oil & gas produced water. In 2010, this system was put to a different kind of test when it was used to clean up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout this process, Costner and Hoek forged a strong alliance that continues to this … Continue reading