VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover! #BestStainRemoverEver


 VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover #BestStainRemoverEver Have you ever used a product to clean the spots off your carpet only to have a bigger dark stain emerge over the next week or two. This is called rapid re-soiling. It happens because many products leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt to your carpet when they dry. The VeryDirtyCarpets Carpet and Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover is designed with advanced cleaning technology to prevent the chance … Continue reading

River of Love by Melissa Foster! Review and Giveaway!

New Release…….. Book #3 The Bradens of Peaceful Harbor Fall in love with Sam Braden in the Bradens of Peaceful Harbor. Hot, sexy, & wickedly naughty second cousins to the Weston, Colorado Bradens we know and love. River rafting and adventure company owner Sam Braden works hard and plays harder. He’s fast, focused, and determined—and never at a loss for a willing woman to share his time with. The trouble is, the only woman he … Continue reading

Join Me for The World of The Hunger Games Auction on May 20!

katnis mockingjay

Being a Hunger Games Addict… you know I can not pass up sharing this with you… The World of The Hunger Games Auction starts at 11:00 AM PST on May 20 and will feature 450 noteworthy lots! The auction features props and outfits from all four of The Hunger Games films. Items include Katniss’ Mockingjay propaganda outfit from The Mockingjay – Part 1, Katniss’ District 12 hunting bow and signature brown leather jacket from The Mockingjay … Continue reading

Cush Cushion – The World’s Most Comfortable Seat Cushion! #cushcushion @usfg


#cushcushion From the secretary who is having backaches from sitting at a desk 10 hours a day, to the truck driver who’s leg goes numb after 8 hours of straight driving, to the commuter who is just sick of getting out of his car with a sore butt, we are interested in: 1. Easing your immediate pain now and 2. Helping you solve the deeper issue behind your pain This is why with each product … Continue reading

At Once by John Mefford! Review and Giveaway!

New Release…. Alex Troutt Thriller, Book #3 AT Once “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” FBI Agent Alex Troutt has no intentions of falling for anything. Apparently, neither do the bad guys, as the Boston area is once again targeted by extremists. Boston Strong of just a few years ago is now Boston on Edge. And this time, the targets are men of the cloth—priests. At least that’s how it … Continue reading

Parrish by Shannen Crane Camp! #futurehousepub

#futurehousepub Parrish Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things: (1) ghosts were indisputably real; (2) she and her three friends were some of the best (if not the most . . . conventional) ghost hunters in Oregon; (3) her teammate Jefferson Parrish was always the scariest thing in the room—even during a paranormal investigation. In a face-off between supernatural beings and Jefferson’s lack of social skills and Tim Burton-esque vibe, there really was no … Continue reading

HomeBeck Burger Master Innovative Burger Press and Freezer Container! #BurgeMaster


#BurgeMaster  HomeBeck Burger Chef, 8 in 1 Original Burger Press, Press 8 Tasty 1/4 Pound,4-Patty, 4 Circular Compartments NEW STYLE – Makes ordinary burger presses obsolete. Press and stuff 8 quarter pound burger patties at a time (each container holds approx. 2 pounds). VERY EASY – Pop out a couple frozen burger patties directly onto the barbecue. The Burger Master keeps them separate and they don’t stick. INDIVIDUALLY SEALS – Each burger patty to prevent … Continue reading

Loving Emmi by Barbara Boswell Brunner! Review and Giveaway!

And the Dog-Ma saga continues… In this highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Dog-Ma, The Zen of Slobber, Izzy, the feisty and ferocious terrier, has lost her eyesight. Following on the heels of this devastating loss, her arch-rival Morgan – a gentle giant of a Rottweiler – suddenly succumbs to cancer. Finding herself a lonely-only, it’s not long before Izzy finds herself nose-to-nose with her humans’ new pet project: a foster Rottie pup also named … Continue reading