Mockingjay Part 1- Fearless Rebels of District 13! #OurLeadertheMockingjay

MockingJay Part 1 Countdown SOON! Please! SOON! Until then Here are some tidbits… Be sure to download the OUR LEADER THE MOCKINGJAY app to your iOS or Android device. This app represents the underground communications network for District 13, and gives fans the ability to create and interact with ‘digital graffiti marks’ created in augmented reality space.  ~~~ Lionsgate released six REBEL WARRIOR POSTERS for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 featuring the fearless rebels of District 13: GALE (Liam … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Big Savings With HyVee thru 9/2! #HyVeeSaves

I am always looking at different stores that have good deals, plus give customers a little something back. So at HyVee they have great grocery deals like… GoGo squeeZ apple sauce select varieties 4 ct – $2.28 $0.75/1 Go Go Squeez Product printable $1/1 GoGo SqueeZ, Final Price: As low as $1.28 I mean… you gotta save a buck when you can and now through 9/2 – buying gift cards at your local HyVee store BEFORE you shop … Continue reading

Orkin Scientific Fact or Scientific Fake! Plus Giveaway! #OrkinMan

“Daddy longlegs are poisonous.” “Mosquitoes prefer adults over children.” “Ants can survive underwater.” You’ve heard the myths about bugs before. Do you know what’s fact and what’s fake? Take Orkin’s Scientific Fact or Scientific Fake™ Quiz to test your knowledge, and be sure to watch every clip for the scoop on these infamous bug myths. Orkin uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop a treatment that’s right for your home and your needs. … Continue reading

Top 10 Signs You May Be a Foodie Groupie!

Do you talk about Bobby Flay as if you know him personally? Do you get instant alerts on your phone every time the hottest restaurant in town updates a social media site? If so, you may fall into the category of diehard foodie fan. The Urbanspoon released the top 10 signs of the food obsessed super fan, which highlights common activities of super foodies. The top 10 signs You have more pictures of food on your phone than … Continue reading

“Dolphin Tale 2″ Regal SuperTicket!

Regal Entertainment Group  is celebrating the opening of Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment’s “Dolphin Tale 2″ with a great family value offer. With the purchase of a ticket to the new movie, guests can upgrade to the Regal SuperTicket for only $20 more and receive early access to a digital download of “Dolphin Tale 2″ in high definition before the Blu-Ray™ and DVD release date along with the immediate delivery of a Digital HD … Continue reading

Messy Shelf of Spices – Organize it with Spicy Shelf – Review and Giveaway!

Anyone who’s spent time searching for that one needed spice – knowing it’s there but unable to find it among the clutter of tins and bottles – will want Spicy Shelf , a stackable organizer that nearly doubles useable storage space while also making every spice in the cabinet easily visible. Guaranteed to fit any size cupboard or pantry, there’s no complicated installation – simply use existing shelf pins or the included freestanding legs. The … Continue reading

No More Ugly Plugins! I Got LivingPlug! Review and Giveaway!

I was recently asked to check out LivingPlug. Usually we plug into a hardware interface that is ugly, unsafe, wasteful and antiquated. The average home in the United States has 75 outlets whose placement (for the most part) are dictated by building codes. 15% or more of a home energy bill is wasted due to phantom or vampire charges, appliances that are plugged in, but not in use. LivingPlug has deconstructed the outlet and mapped a new solution that … Continue reading

Mistakes Commonly Made by New Parents!

I read so many parenting books the first time around that I was certain I wasn’t going to make any mistakes. I was 100 percent prepared for anything. Boy, I was delusional! It took all of a week to be very humbled. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have said the same thing. There is no way to be prepared for the unknown, but the one thing you can count on is … Continue reading Reveals ABCs of Back to School Savings!

While summer almost over, school will be back in session in no time (if not already), which means you are looking for the best ways to save as you shop for back to school essentials. Based on its proprietary deal data and enhanced shopping intelligence, is revealing the top ways consumers can save this season.   “The back to school shopping season is a close second to the holidays in terms of the amount of time and … Continue reading

Purggo Launches Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Purifier Kickstarter Campaign!

You might remember, I got the chance to try out Purggo a while back (you can see my review HERE). Purggo unveiled its 100% all-­natural bamboo charcoal car air purifier on Kickstarter  a couple days ago. With a German engineered and patent pending design, Purggo adsorbs and eliminates odor, is fragrance and allergen free, and lasts more than 365 days in the car. Purggo’s Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days, from August 20, 2014 to September 20, 2014. The project is looking to raise at least $20,000 and is offering some unique rewards, including planting a bamboo for every unit pre-ordered. Check out the onion test they did.