A Real Haunted Key West Adventure!

You heard right… Spooky and I got pics to prove it!!!!!

So here we are at the Porch while on our haunted Key West Tour

101_1594Which was the home to Dr Joseph Yates Porter. He was born, practiced medicine and died in the home


Now the story goes Dr Porter is still around. Dr. Porter has  been known to throw glasses and deposit pennies and dimes on the bar. One of the many spooky things going on is when people stand on the stairs, sometimes these orbs show up when pictures are taken…. Yeah Right!!! Well it happened when Marleen took pictures of me on those stairs. When we loaded the pics on our laptops you can see in the third pic I have several ‘orbs’ dancing around me.


Like I said…. Spooky! I am out of HERE!

If you ever get a chance to visit Key West, I do suggest you take do a Haunted Key West Adventure!  Who knows who you shall meet…..

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5 Responses to A Real Haunted Key West Adventure!

  1. Sandra R says:

    Spooky! My husband was taking a video of something and he saw orbs in our home! When I watched the video, there were too many to count! They were bouncing off the wall in the hall! I couldn’t believe just how many orbs there were………I would Love to move again, but then again, you never know if the next place will have orbs or not, so we are staying here!

  2. Heidi G says:

    Super cool and spooky at the same time!! Sounds like you are having a blast!

  3. Debbie Lamb says:

    My My! Got to wonder!!!! Sounds like a interesting place to visit! Sure would not want to live there! Be Safe!

  4. Kandi says:

    Wow. Very interesting!

  5. jessi says:

    How fun! We would love a tour like this!