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DESOLATION by Travis Simmons

Asher St Paul thought it was just a typical zombie apocalypse like in the movies, until the necromancers crawled out of the woodwork. Since the undead have chased the living into hiding, the necromancers are able to roam freely in a new America of their making. Asher is seeking safe harbor. The need for safety is what drove him from his home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania before it was shelled. He has searched from quarantine to quarantine, always finding them overrun with zombies until he hears of The Refuge, a military compound in Binghamton New York.

With his family and lover lain to rest by his own hand, he has nothing left to lose and gives everything he has to reach the safe haven. But questions arise when he reaches The Refuge, mainly, how has he been able to sustain multiple zombie bites and not change? He thinks he has found safety in the military compound turned quarantine, but he was wrong. Even now there is a necromancer trying to make The Refuge their kingdom of the dead.   

My Thoughts

To begin with, Zombies are not of much interest to me. Not sure why I decided to read this book, but I did. Pretty satisfied with that decision. Travis J Simmons did a fantastic job of drawing you in to ‘afterworld’ of a zombie epidemic. I did see many twists and turns that piqued my interest and kept me glued to the story. I was overwhelmed by Asher as he discovers and learns exactly who and what he is. I found myself holding my breath many times as he battles his own doubts and perceptions, in addition to zombies and the dark necromancers. ‘Desolation’ has so much more than the expected zombie gore…. it is a suspenseful, sometimes mystical story. A story that includes our hero coming to terms with those he has lost and those he continues the fight to save. So I will have to give ‘Desolation’ a thumbs up, and anxiously await the story to continue.

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Author the Author 


Travis has been writing since he was 14.  He began writing a book called “The Calling of the Two” and while writing that on and off he started uncovering another idea.

“Yes, this is all well and good, but what about before? What happened in the world before these characters came into it?” He always knew there was a “before” and as he started wondering about it he got ideas. At first they were little ideas but as he discovered the names for his characters a whole story about them emerged.
Travis started working on The Revenant Wyrd Saga several years back and he is very happy he did because hearing and documenting Jovian and Angelica’s story has been one wild ride for him. He lives in a remote part of upstate New York and hoofing around my neck of the woods gives him a ton of inspiration for his novels.  He loves research, and speculating on different ideas and theories.

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.

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3 Responses to Desolation by Travis J Simmons Book – Review!

  1. So want to read this now, great review.
    sharon martin recently posted…BOOK TOUR – The Handfasting by David BurnettMy Profile

  2. jessi says:

    I am not much for zombies….but I watch the walking dead and enjoy it. Not sure how that makes any sense but I think i would like this book, but it has zombies. Maybe i secretly like zombies?
    jessi recently posted…Aprons – because every home needs at least 2My Profile

  3. Kandi says:

    This sounds intriguing. I am not into zombies either but this sounds like something I would read.
    Kandi recently posted…My Ultimate Sandwich- French Dip & Swiss #giveaway #goodcookkitchenexprtMy Profile