Coffee – Sustains my Sunny Personality! Recipes for a Coffee Addict!

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Hello! My name is Debbie, and I am a coffee addict. It has been 7 minutes since my last drink! Whether it is Arabica or Robusta, one should ever underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated. Varieties of Brazilian, Hawaiian Kona, Costa Rican, or Colombian are yours for the choosing. All is right with the world with that first cup of the day! Smell the flavor. Cant have coffee all day long, BUT there are several things to make with coffee! Check out these recipes…



1/2 cup  brewed coffee

2 cups  Ice   (more or less depending on how frosty you want it)

3 TBL Caramel

3 TBL  Sugar or sweetener

1/4 to 1/2 cup of your fave liquid creamer

Whipped Topping

Add coffee, sugar, 2 TBL caramel, creamer to blender (we have a bullit which works great). Blend well. Add ice and keep that baby going til it thickens. Pour into cups and add some whipped topping. Take remaining caramel and swirl over top of creation and  you have your own Frappe.


Coffee Syrup

(used to flavor milk, other drinks, cakes, and as a topping for ice cream)


2 cups sugar

2 cups extra, extra strong coffee


Bring sugar and coffee to a boil in medium pan. Stir until sugar is dissolved, turn heat on low and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. You should stir this several times while simmering. Let cool and put on container (I use a coffee creamer bottle) and store in refrigerator. Sometimes I add almond extract or vanilla extract for more added flavor!


Coffee Marshmallow Treats

(One of our faves…takes a lil time to make, but sooooo worth it!)


3 packages of unflavored gelatin

1 cup cold coffee, divided into 1/2 cups

1.5 cups granulated sugar …

1 cup light corn syrup

1/4 tsp salt (coarse or sea salt)

1  teaspoon vanilla or you can add food coloring if you want

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1/2 cup cornstarch


1. In the bowl of your mixer with the whisk attachment, empty the 3 packets of gelatin and add 1/2 cup cold coffee.

2.  In a sauce pan mix the 1.5 cups sugar, the other 1/2 cup coffee, 1 cup corn syrup and 1/4 teaspoon coarse salt. Put the  lid on and bring it to a boil.

3. Remove the lid and let it cook until it reaches 240 degrees. Temperature is important with this.

4.When it hits 240 degrees immediately remove it and pour it into the mixer on top of the gelatin. Start the mixer at a slow speed.

5. That is going to be whisking for a while, so prepare your pan. use a brownie pan and cover it in plastic wrap. Coat the plastic wrap with a bunch of non-stick cooking spray. In a bowl mix 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 cup cornstarch… and generously sprinkle it around. Pick the pan up and shake it to coat the top and sides. Pour the excess out and then back in, make sure it is coated really well because your marshmallows will be sticky, and if there’s too much you can always brush it off later when the marshmallows are done

Ok, back to your mixer. The whole mixing process will take about 8-12 minutes. Your marshmallows mixture is going to about double or triple in size. You will know it is done when it stops growing. At that point add your teaspoon of vanilla or whatever flavoring you want to use and mix one more minute.

Pour it in your prepared pan: Smooth out the top: And coat with a bunch more of the powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture: Let it sit overnight (or at least 4-6 hours) Remove from pan and cut.


There you have it… a few ideas to maintain your coffee addiction!

Check out these other great recipes in linky below.

I shall leave you with this thought… Given enough coffee I could rule the world!

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23 Responses to Coffee – Sustains my Sunny Personality! Recipes for a Coffee Addict!

  1. Amberm says:

    These all sound really good! Thanks for sharing! Will for sure be trying these 🙂

  2. brett says:

    Lol.. it’s been 7 minutes since my last coffee. (I’m sipping #2 right now)
    brett recently posted…When cats don’t like to use the litter box #PreciousCatMy Profile

  3. Deborah says:

    I love coffee too but only have regular coffee first thing in the morning. I’d drink it all day if I let myself do it. These recipes look really good. Will have to try them.

  4. Debbie says:

    YUMMM!!! I do love coffee! 🙂

  5. Aly Mashrah says:

    I love frappes, but that coffee syrup sounds yummy and a great way to add flavor!
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  6. Ooooh I love this recipe! Thanks for sharing…
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  7. Debra Gordon says:

    I need this ohhh so much my hubby is getting mad at me
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  8. Jennifer B says:

    yumm I love my coffee! Thanks for this list of recipes to try!
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  9. Angela says:

    I am such a coffee addict. I’ll have to try those marshmallow treats!
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  10. Lisa says:

    I’m totally trying those marshmellow treats!
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  11. Ohhhh…. these all look so sinful! Tee-hee… I’m sure they are all delicious. Thanks for sharing!
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  12. Those sound so good! I especially like the coffee syrup, that would be awesome on ice cream.
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  13. Pam says:

    Ooh, thanks for sharing. I’ve never been a huge fan of plain coffee but I like frappes!
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  14. Love my iced coffees and frappes, I miss them being on Paleo!
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  15. Where were you when I could drink coffee? Now I am on decaf and herbal teas and you come with these great recipes. I guess I will have to share them with my friends! So yummy.
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  16. I need my coffee so I love these recipes.
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    Thank you for these recipes, they sound great! We love coffee in our house.
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  18. What great coffee recipes. I never thought about making my own coffee syrup!
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    Oh my, I love love love my coffee! And coffee syrup?… yikes, I am in deep trouble!
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  20. Amanda Love says:

    I love coffee but I’m not addicted. I can actually do without it. Will have to check out a few of the recipes. Thanks for sharing.
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  21. Robyn says:

    I’m a coffee addict too and yes it keeps me happy!
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