Concealed Carry Handbags for Women!

I have seen a lot of women get their concealed carry gun permit in the last few months. Even my Aunt has one. It is not my intention to start a gun debate here. I am just wanting to cover the fact that women carry purses and I would not want a gun loose in my purse. I would want a way to carry it safely and simply. If you need to use it to protect yourself, then you don’t want to be digging around in your purse for it, do You?

So I thought this might be something to look into. I would also feel one might want to carry pepper spray or a taser (stun gun) for self-protection. Again, I would not want to be digging around for it when I need it, but I would want a concealed pocket that would be easily accessible. I happened across this site and wanted to share.

PISTOLPACKNMAMA.COM BLACK Now beautiful vintage wearable art can be used to complement a woman’s fashionable attire and allow her to carry her weapon of choice. Designed by women for women, concealed carry handbags from include all the characteristics that every woman wants in her fashion accessories.

Concealed carry handbags are made from cowhides, suede, and hand rubbed leathers that soften with wear.  All are created with zippered pockets for organization, slash resistant straps, high-style designs to complement fashionable dress, and include easy access to the concealed weapon compartment.  All are designed with the notion that “they won’t know you have it until you need to use it!”  The main purpose of each handbag is to act as an everyday utility for a current occasion, but a secondary purpose would be to add protection to a woman and her loved ones.

PISTOLPACKNMAMA.COM BROWNAll handbags have a concealed carry compartment that is designed specifically for a concealed weapon.  Some bags are designed to carry a smaller semi-automatic, while others can accommodate any size of weapon.   There is a holster inside the compartment that keeps the weapon stable.  Each bag has padding that is used to keep the imprint of the weapon from showing while it is being carried in the compartment.  Access to the weapon can be made from either left or right hand positions.  The concealed compartment is designed at the back of the handbag, next to the body of the wearer.  This allows the wearer to have easy access to the weapon by having a hand on the handle of the weapon without indicating this to other people.

To look at the concealed carry handbags that are available, you would not know that they allow you to carry a weapon; high style is their hallmark.  Among these are a tooled American cowhide handbag that is an excellent choice for everyday use. The embossed rose-leaf pattern of this hand rubbed bag is a perfect over-the-shoulder complement that ages to a darker patina and softness with use. The embroidered lambskin is another bag that has the rose pattern in the ultimate softness of full grain New Zealand lambskin.  The highly stylish wristlet handbag incorporates the leopard spot design of embossed brushed leather for great elegance.  All these bags are designed for efficient concealed carry of the weapon of choice.

Women have the right to own a weapon, and also the right of self-protection if they so choose. I do not usually carry a gun in public,  but we do have guns around our house. It is necessary to have them due to wild critters. Remember… it is your responsiblity for the care and safety of a gun, especially around children. I can’t emphasise THAT enough! Like I said before, If you carry… make it SAFE and make it simple! BE RESPONSIBLE!

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25 Responses to Concealed Carry Handbags for Women!

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s against the law in Massachusetts to carry a concealed weapon – not that I own a gun anyways, though.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…The Loon Mountain Ice Castle @LoonMtnMy Profile

  2. I personally like this idea, it’s a nice quick way to pull your pistol if needed. Great way to keep safe!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…How To Use An Apple Corer To Make Easy Homemade Potato Wedge FriesMy Profile

  3. Dee says:

    That hides it pretty well!
    Dee recently posted…What’s Cookin’? Broccoli & Cheese SoupMy Profile

  4. Tina Ashburn says:

    My best friend Toni has a license and carries a gun. Or 2. In a pouch. I often wondered how quickly she could get to it if she needed it, and her husband assured me that she could get to it faster than I could ever anticipate. I’m going to send this url to her. Thanks.

  5. Rachael says:

    I don’t carry, yet. But when I do, these handbags are great. I wouldn’t want to be digging through my big ole purse for my gun if I needed it in hurry to protect myself.

  6. Brandi says:

    I want! This would be great for when I get my permit.
    Brandi recently posted…Getting groceries in just got EASY! #brinkspushpullrotateMy Profile

  7. Sandra says:

    Had no idea anything like this existed. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great idea but not legal in our state.

  9. brett says:

    i’m not a gun owner, nor do I have intention to become one. that said, if I did have a gun and lived where it was legal to carry one concealed i’d LOVE this idea!! i’d probably store some chocolate and hide it from my kids in this bag

  10. Jennifer B says:

    I love the idea of these beautiful handbags for carrying weapons safely. Like you said, you don’t want to have to dig around in your purse when you really need it!
    Jennifer B recently posted…Conflicting Hearts by J.D. BurrowsMy Profile

  11. Nicole Brady says:

    I’ve never felt the need to carry a weapon but seriously, if I did decide to, I’m not sure I would be able to locate it in my purse. I have trouble finding my keys there, let alone something that i need to find in a hurry! For people who carry a weapon or spray or whatever, having a special place where you’ll know you can easily find/grab it is crucial!
    Nicole Brady recently posted…Portable Tunes with Earjax EchoMy Profile

  12. Pam says:

    I don’t know if it is legal in our state to carry a concealed weapon, but this purse looks like it makes it easy to find when needed.
    Pam recently posted…Make Your Own Flavored Popcorn Recipe for Movie Night #NetflixKidsMy Profile

  13. This is probably a good safety for people who carry a concealed weapon in their purse. I’m not a gun enthusiast and honestly think I would be kind of anxious/nervous carrying a gun as I’ve never been around them.

  14. DawnC says:

    This is what I need to do and need to buy. I have been talking about doing a concealed weapons permit but have not followed through. I really need to.
    DawnC recently posted…Valentines Red Velvet Cookies – RecipeMy Profile

  15. Guns terrify me, but I might use this to carry pepper spray!
    Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas recently posted…Jerk Chicken Skewers with Tropical Fruit Sauce #JungleFreshMy Profile

  16. I haven’t seen these before but I’m not surprised that they exist. It’s one thing to lose my pen in my gigantic purse, but I definitely would not want a handgun buried underneath piles of receipts, LOL!
    Beeb Ashcroft recently posted…Making an Entrance: The 2015 Subaru LegacyMy Profile

  17. I guess it’s not something I’ll ever need personally, but it’s interesting. It does make it accessible easily though.
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Hot Cocoa-Inspired Chocolate Marshmallow PuddingMy Profile

  18. Debi says:

    I would feel nervous holding a gun like that in my purse, but if someone is permitted to carry then it might work well for them
    Debi recently posted…Getting a Good Night Sleep with Reverie pillowMy Profile

  19. Wow, I’ve never seen these before, I love the idea!

  20. Dawn says:

    I don’t own a gun, but I respect others’ rights to have one. That is a great bag for those who carry. 🙂
    Dawn recently posted…Signups Open! Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop! {3/16-3/31} #bloggers #luckyMy Profile

  21. Vonnie says:

    I saw these purses at a fair a couple of years ago. They looks really nice and I would never have guessed there was a gun inside. Really nice!

  22. Sharing this with my cousin in Indiana
    Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings recently posted…Balsamic Beef {Slow Cooker}My Profile

  23. Cara K says:

    I love that bag! I’m getting my CHL next month so I might have to get one of these!
    Cara K recently posted…Tasty Tuesday #49My Profile

  24. Danyelle says:

    Mine fits perfectly in my purse as is. What ever your most comfortable with I say! Has to be as easy as reaching for your wallet. Remember to go to the range ladies, the more you shoot, the more confident you become.
    Danyelle recently posted…DIY Glitter GobletsMy Profile

  25. Lisa Jones says:

    Wow! These Handbags Are Great Love Them!!
    Lisa Jones recently posted…MIA MARIU WANTS YOU TO LOVE WAY!My Profile