7 City Living Safety Tips For Urban Dwellers!

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City Business WomenThe city life is a constant flurry of activity, noise and excitement. Living in a downtown area or big city like New York, Chicago, Indianapolis or Boston is an incredible experience, especially for those who love an active lifestyle.

The city also attracts more criminals, for the inundated area is perfect for pick pockets, burglaries and muggings. When living in the city, there are extra safety measures all dwellers should be aware of in order to avoid being a victim of a crime.


1. Change Your Locks

Most people who live within cities live in an apartment or townhouse. In many cases, people do not take the same safety precautions homeowners take because they believe they are safe within the confines of their building. However, many apartments, have faulty or old locks that are a cinch to break into, especially for a seasoned criminal.

When moving into a new apartment, be sure to change the locks. With apartments having had multiple renters, who knows how many keys are floating around. Changing the locks ensures you are the only person who has a key to a working lock.

2. Home Security

To further secure your home, look into a home security system. Many city inhabitants, especially in large, urban areas use a security system such as Indianapolis ADT home security. Alarm systems alert residents that someone has entered the home, and the piercing alarm sound will ward off intruders.

3. Don’t Make It Easy

If living on the first floor, try not to place trash cans or anything easy to climb on underneath a window, for it makes it an easily accessible entrance into an apartment.

4. Keep Your Doors Locked

Lastly, one of the most important issues is keeping all doors locked. It is an easy habit to get into to forget locking the doors and windows, but it is a habit that needs to be broken. Make it a point to lock the door as soon as you walk in.

5. Be Aware

Whether you have lived in the city for months or for years, it is still vital to be alert and aware of your surroundings.

When on public transportation such as a subway, metro or train, do not leave wallets, cash, passports or purses in an area that is easy for a pickpocket to grab. It is best not to keep any personal items in jacket pockets because it is easy for a pickpocket to grab without you feeling it.

When walking alone, do not be distracted by texting or digging in your purse, for it leaves you vulnerable to an attacker.

6. Be Smart

Go with your gut. If you do not feel comfortable in a situation, or you feel like you are being followed, be on high alert and get yourself to a public area. Most of the time those feelings are not for naught.

7. Be Confident

Too often when people are lost, they look panicky and become an easy target. Instead, walk or drive with poise and purpose until you can regain your bearings.

Enjoy your time living in the city, but enjoy it without being reckless.


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