Foot Stompin’ Good Time With Buck Trent “Oh Yeah”! Celebratin’ in Branson!

Another exciting adventure on my “Celebratin’ in Branson” trip! This is another exciting show you can find in Branson Missouri!
Branson is a world unto itself…No one can ever know Branson by a brief description….You must travel through it to be acquainted and inspired by it!

100_3536Ya’ll like some good ole country music? Well, get your toe-tappin’ feet on down to the Buck Trent morning show down at Baldnobbers Theatre in Branson, MO! It’s a great way to start your day when visiting this awesome little town.

This is an audience-friendly show. The entire cast and crew are out to visit with you before, during intermission, and after the show.  Now the MUSIC… traditional country, and add a little bluegrass, and gospel. This show is an amazing way to kickstart your day!

Buck Trent is a talented musician who began performing at the age of 10. In 1959, he went to Nashville and began an exciting career. He was a regular on “The Porter Wagoner Show”, “Roy Clark Show”, and “Hee Haw” for many years. He has worked with all the legends like Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Marty Robbins, and of course Roy Clark. Impressed yet? Well, he plays the 5-string Banjo, Dobro, Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Bass, Guitar AND… Buck invented the electric Banjo!

Now you add all this awesome cast to this show… and you get one heck of a good time.

Kenny ParrottKenny Parrott  Miss Katie LynnKatie Lynn  Bruce HoffmanBruce Hoffman


Jonathan BlackJonathan Black Robby BlackwoodRob BlackwoodDean HolmanDean Holman

Randy McConnellRandy McConnell

Oh and there was some duelling going on…..


100_3552The Interview

Q – Who were your influences when you were younger that got you interested in music and when did you start playing the banjo?

Buck – I started when I was about 10 years old back in Spartanburg, SC. My mama worked at the cotton mill with a man who played a 5-string banjo and he taught me. We bought his banjo and now I have nylon strings on it. I play it in the show. I got my first job in Asheville, NC in 1955. I played an hour everyday on tv for $40 a week and I thought I was wealthy, because they was working in the cotton mill for $25! Finally, made my way to Nashville and on the Grand Old Opry with Bill Carlisle. He was a great entertainer and I learned a lot from him. From 62 to 74, I was with Porter Wagoner. He was a fine man and I learned so much from him.

Q – Tell us about your show?

Buck – We sort of pattern our show after the Porter Wagoner show. So I feature everybody in the show. It is a family show, and I think if we have a good time, the folks have a good time.

Q – How about Roy Clark and you?

Buck – In 74 I went with Roy and he played every instrument. Roy did a lot of comedy and he was really funny. In 1973 he won Entertainer of the year and he wanted us to get together and we would do a little banjo. We traveled all over the world and we were the FIRST country group to go to Russia with the Oak Ridge Boys.

Q – They made quite a few jokes during the show and I have to ask do you play golf in your free time?

Buck – Oh Yeah! See… when I went with Porter , he was a great golfer and I had never played. So he got me to play golf. We played everyday. I got addicted to it. The first thing that went on the tour bus was the golf clubs, not the instruments. Roy Clark and I was in Vegas for eight years and we played everyday. When I moved to here, moved to Point Royale which works out pretty good since I am a golf nut. That helps me keep in shape, too.

Q – Country Music has changed quite a bit. What do you think about the crossing into rock and pop trend?

Buck – It’s just big business now. You gotta have millions of dollars behind you. It is more like rock and roll. I knew when pop rock came in to country, you would lose your category. Got rap in there, too! A lot are coming into “Country Music” but it really isn’t country music. It is a shame you will only hear that on the radio and you are not going to hear … say Ray Price on the radio.

Q – What do you have planned in the future … any touring?

Buck – Well, we do that in the off-season. Once you start here, it is hard to get away so we go see the kinfolks. We call it the ‘kinfolk tour’! Then we do some shows here and there. People don’t realize there is a lot here in Branson. The variety has gotten bigger.

Q – I just have one last question and it is for fun… Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Buck – Oh Boy! Oh Me! I think Robin Williams, maybe… or one of them folks on Saturday Night Live. That would be interesting who might play me. I have thought about Clint Eastwood, but I just don’t know about that. I just have a good time. I never done it for the money. I love performing. It is what I have done all my life.


We really enjoyed the show and our time visiting with Buck. He was also kind enough to autograph a picture specially to my Uncle Jack (a big fan of Buck Trent) for me.

Check Buck out on Facebook!

Hard to believe My Celebratin in Branson trip  is almost over, just one more show, so stay tuned – plus you also know how I am on a trip… Gotta have a giveaway which I will tell you all about shortly!

**Hint** I am throwing a great getaway together with the help of all my great sponsors!

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  1. Verna Cossairt (THE AUNT) says:

    Uncle Jack really appreciates you getting that picture autographed for him too. It is in his “Mancave”, a special place for his prized possessions. We went to see Buck when he 1st went to Branson but there are so many different shows to see we haven`t gone for a while but when we go soon we will be going to see his show. We don`t usually go very often to a morning show but that is on our to do list. We love all the shows in Branson & like Buck said there is quite a variety of shows to see so there is something for everyone down there or different attractions to keep a family entertained for several days or longer. Thanks again for the picture of Buck.

  2. Char W. says:

    Wow! I bet it was so awesome to get to take a picture with him. Loving the banjo as well. 🙂

  3. Great interview! Sounds like a really fun show!
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  4. That’s quite the line up
    I haven’t had a good night out in ages!
    Sounds like this would be a really fun show to go to.
    Wonder if they have any canadian stops?
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  5. Debbie L. says:

    What a fun time!! I WANTA go there!!!! I love music!

  6. Wow, what an awesome show and great interview, too!
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  7. Dria says:

    Sounds like a fantastic show, awesome interview too!!

  8. What a great lineup. Terrific interview too!!! Passing this on to my country music fans : )

  9. Jessica says:

    Fun! Some of my favorite shows in Branson have been at the Baldnobbers theater,
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  10. It constantly amazes me how much is offered in Branson.
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  11. MommaDJane says:

    We are hoping to visit Branson for the first time this summer. I can’t wait to see what all they have to offer in July.
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  12. I have never been to branson but here it is an amazing place for music.

  13. That’s it I definitely want to go to Branson. I adore pure country music and am having a great time following your posts. Your a very lucky girl 🙂
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  14. Tracie says:

    That sounds like an awesome show. I love that you got to meet and interview Buck. My husband and I want to do a Branson trip one day.
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  15. I don’t know who this is, I’m going to have to do some YouTube Research! 🙂
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  16. Pam says:

    Great interview! I bet this would be such a fun show to get to see.
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  17. I love when they start duelling. Looks like a great band!
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  18. Sounds like a great line up and very entertaining.
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  19. Maria Oller says:

    I love musical shows and more banjo music want to go so bad!!!

  20. Lisa says:

    This looks like a ton of fun!
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  21. mommy2jam says:

    What a line up! Looks like you all had an amazing time!
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    I love the dueling banjos part of the show. That sounds so fun!
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    So fun that you got to interview him! Looks like fun!
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  24. Lexie Lane says:

    I wish you had videos for some of these. Looks great! Like they are a lot of fun to listen to!

  25. Wow, you and your sister really hit the town in Branson! Yet another fun show!
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  26. Wow, you and your sister really hit the town in Branson! Yet another fun show!!!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted…Patriotic Blue Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes Featuring Bake it Pretty SuppliesMy Profile

  27. Danielle says:

    Such an incredible lineup! Now I am getting excited about our summer folk music festival…
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  28. Lenze says:

    Great interview! Hope you had a great time.