2014 Ecology & Environment Day at Har-Ber Village! Part #1

Our visit to Har-Ber Village Ecology & Environment Day held multiple demonstrations and exhibits that were presented by individuals and organizations about the importance of protecting our natural resources and wildlife.

About Har-Ber Village

100_4096HAR-BER VILLAGE MUSEUM (founded by Harvey & Bernice Jones) is a pioneer-era village and history museum where visitors experience the area’s history and ecology, and view antiques, collectibles and reproductions in exhibitions representing the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Several of the Village’s  HISTORIC BUILDINGS  were relocated to the grounds, including a schoolhouse, jail and 16 log cabins. Other log structures were built to house collections and are typical for the 19th Century—a courthouse, a bank, a stagecoach inn and a church built with bricks hand-made before the Civil War. Other buildings include a mercantile, jail and hanging gallows, a doctor’s and a dentist’s office, print shop, post office, drug store and more.


As with every visit to this quaint village, you are struck with awe and the beautiful setting when you drive thru the gates. Great care to the grounds and history are taken to enhance your real visit back in time.

harbertile We visited local artist, Susan Newman, about The Ozark Highland Eco-Region (where we live), State emblems, and Native American art. A portion of all of Susan’s art work goes to charities in the area. In February she sold 23 pieces from her show and she was able to donate over $500 to The Caring Kitchen. newmantile

Next we visited Flintknapper, Leon Reeder, who demonstrated his skill and craft. He has been doing flintknapping for about 18 years. Quite impressive if you ask me…



We just had to check on the progress of the Heirloom Gardens. Brand new in 2014 is living history demonstrations in one of Har-Ber Village’s cabins. Heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants are being gathered for a garden near the cabin as well as for planting in other beds around the Village. This will be a work in progress for the next couple of years. It is not unusual to see locals enjoying the awesome view of a working water wheel, the gardens, and of course beautiful Grand Lake.

garden-tile The Grove Humane Society was walking adoptable animals around the Village throughout the morning. We met up with ‘Runner’, a rescued 1-year-old Lab and Hound mix. Runner is friendly and available for you to fall in love with immediately. My Granddaughter tried her best to get him home with us. I still have 2 dogs and 4 cats so maybe you want to come and get Runner…

100_4108 Walking the lovely grounds seemed to be the thing, especially for an unusual visitor from Grand Lakes State Parks Nature Center.


Park Naturalist, Amanda Wiley, shared with us all kinds of information about water and how water recycles. The same amount of  water from 100 years ago (and before that) is the same amount of water that can be available to us today. How you dispose of that water is important. One example she told us is how those few drops of water left in a closed water bottle will never be recycled back into our atmosphere or ground water for reuse. As long as that lid is on, the water will only recycle in the bottle. That water is trapped for 100 to 200 years. That one or two drops from your bottle may not seem like a lot…. BUT all the drops in all the bottles adds up!

ok state park-tile

Amanda operates the Nature Center at Grand Lake State Park in Bernice, which has a 750 gallon tank that has a variety of fish from Grand Lake, rock and nature information, plus natural and local animal information. Taking care of our Lake is vital for all creatures that live in and around the area. You can see in the picture that all the things on the blue area was found IN the lake according to Amanda.

The goal is to find different purposes for the ‘Trash’. The Nature Center makes Litter Critters out of their paper and towel tubes used throughout the State Park. You can also make magnets, mini picture frames and buttons out of plastic lids from bottles.


This day is far from over and I will share with you some of the hands on activities we got to enjoy in my next post.

So Stay Tuned for more 2014 Ecology & Environment Day…


the village Har-Ber Village Museum
4404 West 20th Street
Grove, OK 74344


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  1. brett says:

    oh gosh, this is right up my family’s alley!! what a cool place to visit- and so many things to see and learn!

  2. Veronica says:

    So many things to see and learn there. What a great place to visit. Something I would love to do with the family
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  3. I love taking my kids place like this. I would much rather spend a day exploring instead of tolerating Chuckie Cheese and the like!
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  6. Will definitely have to check out the HAR-BER VILLAGE MUSEUM when I get to OK!

  7. Kay Adeola says:

    Looks like a lovely place to go.Flint napping is one of those things I am amazed by that really takes talent.
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  9. Joanne says:

    Dang! I can’t believe I missed it. I was thinking about going. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. Amanda Love says:

    Ok I have no idea what flintknapping is so I had to check it out. 18 years is a very long time to be doing it. I would so love to visit some place like this with my kids. They would really enjoy this and they’ll learn so much in the long run too.
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  12. Trisha says:

    Har-Ber Village sounds like a fantastic place to visit! The living history demonstrations sounds really interesting, definitely something my husband I would probably want to check out.
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  19. Jaime says:

    This is such a neat place! My husband loves learning about history, and it’s hands-on enough that my son would love it.
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    I find places like this so fascinating. What life was like “back when.” We have something similar here in NJ called Waterloo Village – when the kids get older I’m taking them.
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    This looks like such a great day, we have a similar village her in Mass, I have been thinking about taking the kids one of these afternoons.
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  33. It looks wonderful! Something my family
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