The Legacy of Michael Brown! #blacklifematters #alllifematters

2 young black men walking down the street in a black neighborhood. NO, this is not the start of a bad joke… it is the beginning of a tragedy. Before they can arrive at their destination, Michael Brown is shot and killed by a police officer. Now some are saying it was racial profiling (still can’t figure that one out), and others say the officer shot to protect himself.  Now there is a report that Brown was a suspect in a robbery. Those are things that will be determined in the investigation. What truly concerns me is the fact that so many have used this for their own agenda.

Michael Brown has been described as helping his single mother by doing errands and such. Also stated by many people that he had a great disposition and was always there to help his friends and neighbors.  I have not heard of any criminal activities he may have been involved in prior to today, so he seems like a clean-cut american kid. Will he be remembered for that?

NO, probably not, except by those who knew him! 

Now instead of starting college next week as planned, his parents will be burying him.

Instead his name will be forever linked to violence, looting, and racial bias. For every IDIOT (yes, I meant to use that word) who feels he justifies these violent acts as retribution for this death, the name of Michael Brown is tarnished.

I saw an interview of one such idiot who made it clear to reporters that a convenience store was looted and destroyed in Michael’s name, as a direct attack on the police force (and he was proud of what happened). REALLY!?! You attacked and destroyed a business that is run by people and employs people in YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD????? Those people can not go to work now – they are the people who are hurt. People who have families to raise.  This was just one of more than a dozen businesses that was vandalized and looted.

The story behind the officer that pulled the trigger will come out,

yet even his name will not be remembered…

The death of a young man will not be remembered.

30 years from now, it will be remembered as “The 2014 Riots of Ferguson” 


Can these vandals and looters who scream and use the race issue comprehend how this looks to others around the country?


How it looks to outsiders that you feel you have a right to steal and damage your neighbors property in the name of racial equality … and the death of someone who many of the vandals did not even know?


That some lined their own pockets with stuff they stole from ‘friends’.


That you demand the death of the officer without any judicial rights (rights like you would demand if it had been you that shot and killed someone)?


Yep! Uh-huh! That really helps further the cause for racial equality!


You know what? I don’t give a ratscrap what color you are!

Michael Brown

(even if he turns out to not be quite the angel everyone says he is)

Deserves a better LEGACY than this!

Learn from his life!



#alllife matters

What about Officer Darren Wilson?

Will discuss that later…

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3 Responses to The Legacy of Michael Brown! #blacklifematters #alllifematters

  1. Barry says:

    This whole situation has been terrible. Violence will not solve anything. It will not bring him back. It will overshadow justice. What about the white kid out running who was killed just because the three black teens wanted to kill some one. Where is the press and race mongers? It was a racial killing. It was kids killing an innocent man. one of them said “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.” To those in Ferguson – You don’t see us out vandalizing and looting our neighbors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see justice takes time but justice will be served.

  2. Kat an Die says:

    A white cop murders Brown for jaywalking. But you’re worried about property damage and Brown’s legacy?

  3. benji says:

    Black kid wrongly killed, so let’s just riot to possibly get more people killed and injured.