Time for Alligators in Hot Springs!

Alligator Farm BrochureOur next adventure was down at The Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo. This is a privately owned zoo located down on Whittington Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This small zoo has a petting area and you can feed the little residents there (not the gators). The larger alligators were already moved out to the summer habitat, while the youngsters were still safely in the Winter habitat. This is a cute place with a bit of a museum and of course a gift shop. Let’s look …

zoopage1 More

 zoopage2 YES, I held an alligator!

NO I wasn’t scared!

11225824_950267471658546_797160651_n OK maybe a little, but we got it under control…


H. L. Campbell founded the farm in 1902. He felt the Hot Springs area needed a tourist attraction other than the thermal baths. Later it sold to D. S. Older around 1929. 

The farm was sold to Jack Bridges, Sr. and his wife in 1945, and the name was changed to “The Arkansas Alligator Farm.” The Bridges added a gift shop, and well as other animals such as monkeys, raccoons, and logger-head turtles. Jack Bridges Jr. and his wife Sue purchased the zoo in 1965, and added more animals, as well as a petting zoo and a small museum.! You should check them out…

847 Whittington Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901


While you are there, don’t forget to pay your respects…

The original owners pet fox terrier met a sad fate (ate by an alligator) in 1906.

Here is his memorial…

100_5444 Oh, Say hi to the attraction’s greeter behind the counter… He will greet you as you enter and tell you goodbye when you leave.



Even more to Come on our Hot Springs, Gangsters, and Gardens Trip, so stay tuned…. There is some dizzying heights, bar hopping, Bathhouse Row and of course flirting with Al Capone still to come!



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47 Responses to Time for Alligators in Hot Springs!

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That is so cool. My boys would FLIP over this place.

  2. Bri says:

    I would love to hold a baby alligator! This looked like a really fun trip.

  3. That is SO cool! I can’t believe you held an alligator. Those snapping turtles look scary!
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…Our Top Chicco Picks & Rebate Offer @ChiccoBabyMy Profile

  4. Rosey says:

    lol I like when the birds talk to you in a public place. It makes me laugh. 🙂 My daughter has held a baby alligator before. 🙂

  5. My kids would love this so much. I think the next time we’re out that way, we’ll have to stop in. It looks like a lot of fun!
    Melissa Pezza recently posted…My Interview with the ONE and ONLY GEORGE CLOONEY-Part 1! #TomorrowlandEventMy Profile

  6. Tamara says:

    Fun! We went to an alligator farm in Florida earlier this year and my kids still talk about it. It was really interesting.
    Tamara recently posted…Heart Compartments.My Profile

  7. That’s a lot of gaters. I live in Florida so I’m used to seeing them everywhere.
    BellaVidaLetty recently posted…Travel Inspired Wall Murals Room Decor ideasMy Profile

  8. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a great place to visit. I think my son would enjoy holding a baby alligator.

  9. You must be exhausted from all these adventures in hot springs. Based on the last 2 posts you kept busy
    maria @ closetohome recently posted…How to prepare your skin for Summer OutfitsMy Profile

  10. Liz Mays says:

    Wow, gators are some of the coolest animals. I’ve never gotten that close to one!
    Liz Mays recently posted…Discover Card Freeze It℠ | Stop New Purchases on Your Discover Card!My Profile

  11. Jamie says:

    This looks like a fun place to visit! My kids would love to see those baby alligators!

  12. Pam says:

    Sounds like a really fun place to visit. That poor Fox Terrier though!

  13. Lorane says:

    Those are a lot of Gators .. My Nephews would love this … me not such much …lol not a fan of reptiles
    Lorane recently posted…Caribbean Fashion Week 2015 LaunchMy Profile

  14. Marcie W. says:

    I would certainly be nervous to hold an alligator but could not miss such a unique opportunity. My kids would be thrilled to experience an attraction like this!
    Marcie W. recently posted…Experiencing Nevada Ballet Theatre’s GiselleMy Profile

  15. Jaime says:

    I think those alligators would be a little too close to comfort for me to hold one. It’s such a cool experience, though!
    Jaime recently posted…Unplug. Pop. Connect. with JOLLY TIME #ad #ourJOLLYTIMEMy Profile

  16. Maria Smith says:

    You held an alligator?? Wow! I would not be so brave. Kudos to you!
    Maria Smith recently posted…6 Lessons Learned as a St. Jude BloggerMy Profile

  17. Looks like an awesome place to visit. If I’m ever in Arkansas I will certainly visit.
    Jessica The B Keeps Us Honest recently posted…How to Capture the Beauty of EverydayMy Profile

  18. What a fun place! Alligators are such interesting animals, the kids love to learn about them and see them up close!

  19. Dawn says:

    This seems like so much fun! I would love seeing all the animals!
    Dawn recently posted…Coconut Oil for Skin: Cure-all? Common Uses & Tips for UseMy Profile

  20. My girls are HUGE animal lovers – all shapes and sizes. They would love to see these little alligators!
    Tiaras & Tantrums recently posted…DIY Mini Succulents In Mason Jars #CMYKMy Profile

  21. You are so brave! I would have been completely terrified!
    Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert recently posted…Korean Ground Beef Over Wilted Sesame SlawMy Profile

  22. This looks really cool, it must be so fun to see these animals!

  23. Kiwi says:

    I am not gonna lie I am freaked out by alligators. But thanks for the educational part…still freaked out lol!
    Kiwi recently posted…Fun By The Pool with Cool People this Summer #CokeHappyHourMy Profile

  24. Elizabeth O. says:

    You are super cool! I don’t I can hold an alligator even if it’s just a baby. 🙂

  25. Jeanine says:

    Oh my! My kids would love going to a place like this. They love reptiles and all things scary!
    Jeanine recently posted…5 Types of Children’s GardensMy Profile

  26. Steph says:

    My boys would flip if we took them to see some gators! I’m not so sure how I feel about it! LOL
    Steph recently posted…How to Look Your Best in PhotosMy Profile

  27. I’d be scared to go near the alligators! The turtles I would love to pet! 🙂
    Rebel Sweetheart recently posted…Wordless Wednesday #134 | Hello, Chopper!My Profile

  28. lisa says:

    What a fun trip! I would love to try holding an alligator just to say I did!!
    lisa recently posted…Shop Your Way® With Pharmacy Rewards!My Profile

  29. Amanda Love says:

    My boys would absolutely love to do this, they’d have so much fun.

  30. Crystal says:

    I’m good looking at alligators, but I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to hold one! It looks like a lot of fun though. I’m sure my kids would love it.
    Crystal recently posted…How to Keep Your Gums HealthyMy Profile

  31. Kecia says:

    I held some animals at an amusement park in south Georgia last year. It wasn’t an alligator, but I think I’d like to touch one of those too!
    Kecia recently posted…Making Exercise Easier with Silk Soy MilkMy Profile

  32. Kristi says:

    Looks like a great place and love the long history of the place that you gave. Not sure quite sure I would be game to hold one… but I could photograph while the kids took a turn:)

  33. Christie says:

    My son would die to go there! He just loves all alligators, thinks they’re so cool!
    Christie recently posted…7 Signs of a True VeggieTales Fan | New VeggieTales PlushesMy Profile

  34. Debi says:

    That is very neat. I have always wanted to go to see alligators.
    Debi recently posted…Keeping an Eye on the BabyMy Profile

  35. This looks like a cool zoo/museum. While I personally wouldn’t want to encounter an alligator, they do have a purpose in this world. That is cool that they have a sanctuary for them.
    Uplifting Families recently posted…Garden Activities for the Children this SummerMy Profile

  36. Crystal says:

    I’m not so sure I’d want to pet an alligator. It would be a neat experience, though.
    Crystal recently posted…Ice Cream Cone CraftMy Profile

  37. Kerri says:

    My youngest loves animals. She would think this is a great place to go!
    Kerri recently posted…Pitch Perfect 2 Free Movie Tickets #RockYourLegsMy Profile

  38. What a cool place! So hands on! My kid would love to pet an alligator! Me? I’d freak out! lol!
    NYC Tech Mommy recently posted…What It’s Like to be a Working Mom – FREE InfographicMy Profile

  39. Carol Bryant says:

    OOOOH I would love to see those in person. Did you have a blast? It looks like you did.
    Carol Bryant recently posted…How Don Draper is Like a DogMy Profile

  40. That’s so cool that you got to hold a gator! We just went to a place like this in Florida on our vacation!
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted…St. George Island | Beach Vacation PhotosMy Profile

  41. Carly Brydon says:

    The Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo looks really neat! My family and I would love to visit sometime.
    Carly Brydon recently posted…Little Girl Hairstyle TutorialsMy Profile

  42. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This sounds like an interesting place to visit indeed for everyone. I love the have the museum and that they added more animals along with the gift shop too. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Dina says:

    I have been to hot springs for a vacation one year. I didn’t know they had an alligator farm.
    Dina recently posted…10 Ways to Free up your Day so you’re free to be #freetobe #ad @all_laundryMy Profile

  44. That looks like such a fun place to visit (as long as there is a fence between you and the alligators – lol)! Sounds like you had a great time!
    Shannon Gurnee recently posted…Super S’mores Sundae RecipeMy Profile

  45. Krystal says:

    We have attractions like this in Florida and my toddler loves them! HE is all about the animals!

  46. Candy O says:

    What a great time! My kids are still gator bait, so we are waiting until they get older to take them to these fun places. LOL