Stomping Our Feet in Branson! Clay Cooper! #BransonFun #IllBeBack

Clay-Cooper-billboardWe are almost done with Stomping our Feet in Branson. One show we can’t pass up when we are in town, is the Clay Cooper show.

Clay Cooper is a fantastic singer and funny man. Along with his spectacular cast and band, he presents a show you will remember. With a great variety of music and hilarious (clean) comedy, guaranteed to make you smile.

claycooperandmattgumm At age 16, Clay originally came to Branson while performing with a kid’s band known as the Texas Goldminors. Now 29 seasons later, with his wife and family, they give visitors what the want to see and hear in a good show.

Now you know a lot of shows are scripted, and Clay’s show does not feel that way. Sometimes I think ‘off the cuff’ (especially when comic Matt Gumm hits the stage) happens a lot in his show.  I can really see how Matt throws a surprise or two in there. Then because this show is  an active interaction with the audience, there will be a surprise there also.

Now you might remember the Sis and I went last year and really enjoyed ourselves at his show. I swear I did not have anything to do with her getting some attention by Clay during the show…

claypage3 YES, I did plaster this all over the internet last year…

which is probably why she made sure to do the same for me this year when I was chosen for a little contest in the pre-show…

First I answered Trivia

clayshow And won a $20 certificate to Shorty Smalls (we had just ate there earlier that day…Yumm)

I also did quite well in the Great Potato Race (in which I won a ticket to Red, Hot, and Blue show. They also perform at Clay’s Theater).

Of course Sis did a video of THAT.

No I just can’t show that… cause… well I have a little pride!

(ok not much after that. lol)


Now after the show, Clay hangs out to greet the audience and meet new fans!

We did not hang out after the show this time cause The MOM was getting tired, but Sis and I did on our previous visit!

clay and us

You get to Branson… Make sure you see Clay while you are there.

You can also see other great shows in his theater like Red, Hot and Blue.

Find out more HERE!

Follow Clay Cooper on Facebook!


Since I was not able to use the Show Ticket  and Shorty Smalls gift card I won on this trip, I think another visit is necessary!

So Sis and I will be returning to Branson!

Our Stomping our Feet in Branson trip was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

BUT,,, Branson


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31 Responses to Stomping Our Feet in Branson! Clay Cooper! #BransonFun #IllBeBack

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Branson sounds like so much fun! I totally want to go there after reading about all the fun stuff you did while you were there.

  2. Dogvills says:

    Sounds like you had so much fun. I have not been to Branson, But I would love to visit it one day.
    Dogvills recently posted…Best Small Dogs for Kids with AutismMy Profile

  3. Mizuki says:

    Glad you had a great time! Congrats on winning the trivia! Would love to see that potato race video though lol just kidding . I’ll keep in mind to visit Clay Cooper if ever I get to visit Branson. It looks fun!
    Mizuki recently posted…Turn Off This New iOS9 Setting if You Don’t Have Unlimited DataMy Profile

  4. Mizuki says:

    Glad you had fun! Congrats on winning the trivia! Would love to see that potato race video though. Lol kidding. I’ll keep in mind to visit Clay Cooper if ever I get to visit Branson. It looks fun!
    Mizuki recently posted…Turn Off This New iOS9 Setting if You Don’t Have Unlimited DataMy Profile

  5. Sounds like you had so much fun. I have not been to Branson ever but it sounds like a place I would enjoy if I ever had the chance to go there. Glad to see that you had such a great time.
    Melinda@LookWhatMomFound…andDadtoo recently posted…Family and Breakfast – What More Could You Ask For!My Profile

  6. Scott says:

    That’s one place we haven’t visited, even though it isn’t very far away. My in-laws go there quite often!
    Scott recently posted…Something’s a Little Wonky HereMy Profile

  7. Catherine S says:

    This sounds like a fun trip. I need to visit Branson they sure have a lot of great shows.

  8. Branson is super fun! We’ve been there a few times, and it’s always great. They really know how to put on a show.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…DASANI DROPS: Fun with Flavor! #DASANIDropsMy Profile

  9. Rachelle says:

    It sounds like you guys had a great time!! I’ve been wanting to visit Branson for awhile!

  10. We’ve been talking about taking a trip to Branson with the kids. I have friends who’ve gone, and they said it’s a blast.
    Melissa Pezza recently posted…Why You Need to Visit the #MilkWise Truck New England!My Profile

  11. Ashley says:

    We have not been to Branson, but we have discussed the possibility of visiting around Christmas. It looks like it would be a fun trip! With all the entertainment not even the kids can get bored.
    Ashley recently posted…4 Family Activities to do in San AntonioMy Profile

  12. Pam says:

    It looks like you have had so much fun in Branson this time. It is really making me want to visit!

  13. Jeanine says:

    Such a fun time to be had in Branson! your posts are so awesome, makes me wish I was closer so I could head there myself!
    Jeanine recently posted…Pumpkin Seed GranolaMy Profile

  14. What fun you have had in Branson! You have become the only needed resource for those planning a trip wondering what to do no who to see!
    Toni | Boulder Locavore recently posted…What I Would Happily Eat Every Single DayMy Profile

  15. Liz Mays says:

    He sounds like a really great performer. It’s awesome when shows really engage the audience!
    Liz Mays recently posted…Cringing, Cooking, and Contemplating with Netflix #StreamTeamMy Profile

  16. Pam says:

    Now that sounds like an amazing time. I can see why you want to go back. I have never been but I have many family members that have and had so much fun.

  17. I lived in Missouri TWICE and never made my way down to Branson. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.
    Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow) recently posted…Hotel Transylvania 2 Printable Coloring Sheets & Prize Pack Giveaway #HotelT2My Profile

  18. Shell says:

    This sounds like a really fun show! I’d love to visit Branson!
    Shell recently posted…Do Overs, Butterflies, and Rabbit HolesMy Profile

  19. Caroline says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun! Love a night of music and dancing.
    Caroline recently posted…Choucroute GarnieMy Profile

  20. Marcie W. says:

    Music and comedy sound like a winning combination! How fun to get chosen for trivia and score a prize too.
    Marcie W. recently posted…UNT Keeps Skin Care Simple #UNTBeautyTalkMy Profile

  21. Tracey says:

    Branson looks like the place to be! After reading your posts, I definitely want to plan a trip there soon.

  22. Carla says:

    This sounds like so much fun! I want to plan a trip to the States and never even thought of this before. Thanks for sharing – great pics btw!
    Carla recently posted…The Great Camp Adventure Walk #WW with linkyMy Profile

  23. It sounds like you had a great time in Branson. I will have to check it out the next time i am in the area.

  24. Ora Lee Gurr says:

    What a lot of fun you had in Branson, and that you are already planning on returning. The pictures are all happy ones. It’s great to see an excellent entertainer like Clay Cooper, especially the nice ones.
    Ora Lee Gurr recently posted…Fly Me to the Moon: It’s Close Enough TonightMy Profile

  25. Crystal says:

    There is so much to see and do in Branson! I can’t wait to check it all out in person.

  26. Christie says:

    I’ve loved reading your Branson trip updates! Definitely makes me want to visit
    Christie recently posted…Edible Pumpkin Play Dough DIY for the Perfect Fall Play DateMy Profile

  27. Ave says:

    Looks like you had a seriously fun time at Branson! I really like shows where the audience is involved. I think you should share the race video with us 😀

  28. Rosey says:

    I think it would be fun to stop by Clay’s. And now I know a good restaurant to eat at too while we’re in the area. 🙂

  29. Lisa says:

    This makes me miss my Summer trips to Branson to visit my grandparents as a child. I need to get back there soon!
    Lisa recently posted…DIY Captain America Shield Halloween Candy BagMy Profile

  30. Dawn says:

    It looks like you guys had a lovely time! I am jealous!
    Dawn recently posted…Save Big At Albertsons Stock Up Sale 9/30-10/13 #cbias #ad #AStockUpSale #AlbertsonsMy Profile

  31. Candy O says:

    You are really making me want to take a trip to Branson! Maybe I can get my mom and sisters to get out there. Would be a blast!
    Candy O recently posted…Taking Care of My Ride #CambioConfiable #adMy Profile