What Happens in Branson… Well, Barney Fife is Fully Loaded!

12573756_806053522874085_5941528226184472941_nBernard “Barney” P. Milton Oliver Fife. Yep, that is his name and danger is his game! Barney was an emotional and complex character in the small town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. This character, made famous by the talented Don Knotts, can never be forgotten.

Watching Michael J portray him in  Barney Fife Fully Loaded at the Caravelle Theater is fun and takes you back to fond memories.

Michael J. Arnott is multi-talented and his interaction as Barney with Otis (Joey I.L.O) is perfect. They interact with the audience at every avenue. They both excell at Barney and Otis… but wait, there is more!

The second half of the show highlights each of their own talents. Michael is quite the singer and Joey is a witty comedian. I enjoyed both their impressions and antics like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and a couple others.


100_1855 There were several videos, with Don Knotts’ daughter, Karen. She spoke of some great memories she had of her dad!

This is a great 2 man show. It does not have the lights and flash of other shows, but was a great tribute to fantastic characters and a time gone by. A warm and humorous show so get on out and see…

barney2 Stay tuned…. more to come!

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