What Happens in Branson… It’s Shoji Tabuchi!

All Access Branson got us some fantastic seats to some great shows in Branson. So, lets get started…


After all these years of trips to Branson, we have never seen Shoji Tabuchi. This had to be fixed immediately! After all, Shoji even said he has been waiting for us for more than 20+ years.

First a little background…In the mid-1960s, Tabuchi heard that Roy Acuff, of the Grand Ole Opry, was coming to Japan. He went to this concert and met Acuff backstage. Acuff told Tabuchi that if he was ever in Nashville, to look him up. Acuff’s music inspired Tabuchi’s  love of country/bluegrass music. Later, Shoji came to the United States with his violin and only $500. The rest is iconic history.

This show is a bigger than Vegas show that is nestled in the hills of Branson. It features family value with glitz and glamor. The skill he has is … well, just perfection. I love how they have incorporated his Japanese culture into the show.
The Taiko Drums are spectacular. They range size from small to large. The sound is electrifying and profound.


Of course, we would be amiss if we did not mention the theater and renowned bathrooms! I think I will just show you… First the Mens room

pooltablepic And Ladies, don’t you think you will feel so pampered in this restroom?

14364726_1236657996352824_7184142115872839100_n  14368663_1236657689686188_4023103308520088995_n A spectacular time we had at the Shoji Tabuchi Theater. I know you will enjoy experiencing a gifted musician and show as well.


Hang on there is more to come on our What Happens in Branson Trip!

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