What Happens in Branson… Comedy Jamboree and Grand Jubilee!

If you have been to Branson, you know shows there are filled with comedy, good music, and a strong respect for our military. Now if you want all this in a show, then here is two that deliver at Grand Country Music Hall!!!


Comedy Jamboree – Laughs in the afternoon!


The fun and laughs abound at this show with the antics of all the cast members like Applejack and more. With amazing music mixed in, we had a blast. This is a good clean show. A great one to see with The Mom.

Just remember,  sit towards the front in an aisle seat… you are asking for attention! Just ask my Brother-in-law (whose face has been blurred, but boy… was it red).



Grand Jubilee – Highly entertaining!


This show is a great way to spend your evening. Sit back and enjoy the awesome New South Quartet, The Grand Band, and much more.

Let’s not forget the hilarious Jamie Haage as Jim Dandy! The interaction between emcee Mike Patrick and Dandy is side splitting laughs guaranteed.


Add a little flair from singer, Jackie Brown, plus the harmonies of New South paired with the multi-talented band and you have wonderful night ahead .  I have seen this show a couple of times now and will say I am willing to head back any time.


They have several shows at Grand Country Music Hall so just check it out when in Branson.

Just a little bit more coming on this trip… Stay Tuned.

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