Great Grandson put His Travel Shoes On For Red Oak II!

Yes, it seems Little Man loves to travel and see new things. I am very happy about this and hope he always takes time to see and do the things he wants in life.

Whether he is seeing an aquarium for the first time…

declan  travel aquarium or checking out the local pumpkin patch

declanpumpkinpatch looking at things through his eyes is an experience.

Recently he made a trip to Red Oak II, Missouri. Now, let me tell ya a little about this unique town…

“The 1930’s seemed to be a much simpler time. Neighbors helping neighbors, everyone had a garden and canned their own food. They had a milk cow and they even made their own clothes. By today’s standards, they were poor … they just didn’t know it!”

These words from Lowell Davis recall a vanishing way of life for the people of thousands of little towns across America — and it was just this sort of life that Lowell experienced during his early years in the town of Red Oak, Missouri.

But all this began to change shortly after World War II when folks began moving to the cities in search of the good life. Now some sixty years later, most of these rural communities are ghost towns. When Lowell returned to his boyhood home from one of those “good life” careers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – that’s just what he found.

It was then that he began buying the homes and businesses his beloved Red Oak – moving them twenty-three miles to his Fox Fire Farm near Carthage, Missouri and restoring them to their original grandeur – a place now known as Red Oak II.

travel I think Little Man enjoyed this Visit to the Past!


declanpage1 13901536_1263408093693728_3680525265487397590_n There is so much to see and do at Red Rock II

Find out more here

 Suffice it to say…. My Travelin’ Shoes is very happy to have his Travel Shoes join in on the fun!

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4 Responses to Great Grandson put His Travel Shoes On For Red Oak II!

  1. victoria says:

    Your Grandson was really looks enjoy he’s so cute

  2. Our Family World says:

    I love your photos, this little guy is such an adorable. I’m sure he had fun experienced based on in his eyes.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Places like this should be treasured. We rarely have them now. I think it’s awesome that they are restored to their original glory, it’s lovely out there!

  4. How awesome is this place! I love that you decided to take your grandson here!
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