April 19, 1995! Oklahoma City 22 years Later!

220px-the_survivor_tree_at_the_oklahoma_city_national_memorialOklahoma City   April 19, 1995 … A day of determination, heroic efforts, and sheer courage of the many who survive the devastation of that day.

This is a day we honor!

This is a day we Remember!

Like too many citizens across the globe…. we learned what we were made of.

We felt fear, yet we surge forward with determination and courage!

We learned we were devastated, yet had hope!

We learned horrific things happen, yet heroes arose!

We learned gut-wrenching pain, yet we felt the love from our fellow man!

Following the 22nd Annual Remembrance Ceremony, admission to the Memorial Museum will be free for all visitors on Wednesday, April 19th, as part of Cox Community Day. The Museum will open at 10 AM, following the Ceremony and close at 5 PM. ( http://memorialmuseum.com/ )


So again another year has passed and I shall end my post as I always do…


There will always be scumbags who think their agenda is more important than innocent lives, but this is America! The hero’s, the caregivers, and survivors will always outnumber and outshine the pitiful reasons behind such attacks. We will remember and honor our dead. New York and Boston understand this as Oklahomans do…We will stand up for our right to not be bullied by extremists.

9:02 on the morning of April 19, 1995!  The moment 168 men, women, AND children lost their lives. 9:03 was the moment that 637 souls battled for survival. The moment families were changed forever!

We shall remember!

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