4th Of July Safety For Dogs!

dogA few of you may know our Dog, DeeDee. Great part Pit. Protective and lovable. She may look mean in some peoples eyes, and you need to beware… with this one you could get licked to death. Yeah, she is quite the lovable baby. With the 4th of July coming, we also keep in mind how nervous she gets with loud noises. She is very scared of storms as well. She has her own blanky which she hides under during these stressful times. We are always careful around the holiday to make her comfy and cozy. Here is a great list of things to help your dog stay calm and safe.

It is important to keep your pet safe and secured, because the 4th is one of the biggest times when they get scared and get lost.

Set up a safe area that is comfortable for your pet and will help block out loud noise.

If your dog is outside remember to leave out extra water to make sure that your pet is hydrated during the day.

Be very aware of foods that can be toxic to your dog. Fatty foods, garlic, onions, bones, and candy can all cause stomach problems.

After you set up a safe area for your pet, you could put their favorite toys and maybe a treat or two to help with keeping them calm.

Make sure your pet has identification just in case they flee from their safe zone.

Most importantly, you should never use fireworks around your pet.

So enjoy all the cookouts, whizzes and bangs that go along with this holiday. Just remember that these things can be upsetting and dangerous for your pets.


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