Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Time! Headed to Deadwood!

sd tripTime has come (finally) to head to Deadwood, South Dakota/ .

On this trip Sister and I shall traverse southwestern South Dakota Badlands (named by the Lakota as Mako Sika (land bad)). We are talking hundreds of thousands of acres of grassland, buttes, and pinnacles. Such a sight!

Then we will head in to the Black Hills. Now they call it a small mountain range, but when your in the middle of it….it is anything but small. Black Elk Peak is a whopping 7,242 feet above sea level. This mountain was renamed in 2016 from “Harney Peak” to “Black Elk Peak” to honor Black Elk, a Lakota Sioux medicine man.

Black Elk

Black Elk



Heading in to Black Hills

Heading in to Black Hills

Just a few miles away from Black Elk is Mt Rushmore at 5,725 feet above sea level (no wonder it was hard to breathe up there, plus the wind was really blowing). What can you say…. Mt Rushmore is really a sight to see and is now marked  ‘done’ on my Bucket List. YAY!



sapp2It was a long way up to Deadwood, and we stopped a few times (besides stopping for the night).

One stop was to get gas and stretch our legs at Nebraska City! Sapp Bros has a Travel Center there where you can get whatever you need.

Need coffee… Yes, they have a Carribu coffee shop there, which of course I had to hit that first thing after visiting the bathroom.

Oh, speaking of restrooms, they are known for providing the cleanest restrooms on the road. They even have heated toilet seats and bidets!

Check this out!


So much more to come on our

Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Time Trip

So stay Tuned  and see if Sis and I  came home with a fortune!


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