Rootin’ Tootin’ Good Time! 1880 Train Ride!

train2While you are in Deadwood, South Dakota, just head on down to Hill City and Catch a train.  The 1880 Train trip is a relaxing 20-mile roundtrip ride between Hill City and Keystone. It takes a little over 2 hours, during which you enjoy breathtaking views, mining encampments and just have old-fashioned fun.

The ride is narrated and is the oldest train tour railroad in the US. It still follows along the original line that in the 1880s for delivery service between the mines and mills.

We were pulled on our ride by Steam Locomotive #110. This is a 2-6-6-2T articulated Mallet that was built by The Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1928 for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company of Vail, WA.  After a while #110 moved on to another lumber company until it’s retirement in 1968.

After being displayed in a couple museums, #110 came to South Dakota where it was restored. #110 is the only 2-6-6-2T Mallet in service in the world.

Well now that I have filled you in on the background, let’s take a ride!


Well the first thing to do is fill the water tanks… afterall this is a steam engine!


Then gotta hook up those cars.


Yippee! We are ridin’ the rails now!


Back in the day…. maybe someone pulled some gold out of this little creek!


Better get your ticket ready!


Passin’ pretty darn close to them thar rocks… don’t ya think!


That lil gal in the train duds was our narrator.

Sister and I had a great time on our 1880 train ride. You should try this when your up that way. You won’t regret it.


We still have the adventures in downtown Deadwood, like shootouts and meeting Wild Bill himself! So stay tuned!

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