She Lost Her Life, and awakened to a New One! The Story of Antonia Sinibaldi!

antoniaIn 1999, a drunk driver nearly took the life of Antonia Sinibaldi. Against all odds, this determined child not only survived, but has learned to thrive. She enjoys living life to its fullest, especially performing, singing and attending musical theater. Her autobiography provides an example of what it means to persevere, regardless of the odds.

It can be unsettling seeing someone in a motorized wheelchair relying on a ventilator, but it can also put life into perspective. “The better people understand the mind of someone like me, the better they can experience their own lives,” Antonia explains, “It’s important for others to realize that just because someone looks different, doesn’t mean that they think all that much different.”

The Antonia Faizah Sinibaldi Story – Strength, Hope and Perseverance is available for $24.95 at and soon through Amazon.

About Antonia Sinibaldi 

A quadriplegic since the age of 2, Antonia finds strength in her faith, family and the arts. She has pushed the bounds of her disability to become an actress, artist, author, and speaker. Antonia currently attends college in NYC.

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