Livin’ it up! Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center! @bransonwax @usfg

On our third day of our Livin’ it up trip, we visited  Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center!

Here you can rub elbows with the stars at the wax museum; take the 18 steps to becoming a star while playing a mini golf game; and discover a princess hidden within a maze of mirrors; or have a blast in an action-packed virtual world where you’ll shoot for high score fighting werewolves or robot outlaws.

So the Wax Museum was cool. Been a few years since we have been here. Really liked some of the new faces plus props so you can interact for pics. Just take a look at these stars…


Then there is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors where you can see if you are The Chosen One. Oh yeah! Lets just say there are sections where you will see yourself looking back to see your self looking back and on and on. Your job is to find the Princess!

Now at Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf, you can wander through the palm trees on your way to becoming a star. Watch out for the paparazzi cause they can make or break you…

Now we had fun doing these attractions… oh wait… How about a 3d adventure in Castle of Chaos?  Woowee we had us some fun. The seats moves (yeah you get buckled in) and people turn into werewolves right in front of you. Have to say I cringed a time or two, plus i forgot to do any shooting when we fell off the building. Hope they don’t take pics in there cause I was screaming like a baby. You can also choose the Outlaw Robots adventure also

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