INNX Quilted Microfiber Suede Canine Cover! #SOFAPROTECTOR


I received an INNX Quilted Microfiber Suede Canine Sofa/Couch Cover.  How nice to cover and proctect the couch. There have been small rips and of course the dog hair on our ond couce. I needed something to protect the new one. Keeping the dog off is the best way but the sec we were out of the room she heads straight for the couch. I really think this protector may be just whar we need.

So what did I like about this… The quilted microfiber made the cover look nice and plush. I really liked the small rolls and strap that anchors it.  The rolls tuck nicely in between cusions. This keeps the cover stationed where it needs. It also has a a adjustable strap to use on the back which is really helpful.

Now we just put it on another couch to see how it fits . It will soon be on its forever home couch soon. It was easy to fit and the microfiber can make it quite easy to remove pet hair.

I did not see any slipping when setting. Most importantly, it keeps stains and tears off the couch.

This would be a great choice and Christmas Gift Christmas Present for the family with kids and pets.  Perfect way to protect from stains, hairs, claw and marks. 

I also want to add that this seems to be made from very durable ( yet soft ) quilted material. The price is defintly worth it and it looks real nice.

Oh, and almost for got… You can wash it in gentle cycle and air dry, but we recommend clean it with a wet microfiber towel or sponge according to INNX. I will let you know about this when I wash it. Till then…you might want to think about getting one of these especially with the holidays coming!

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