GrandBox – A perfect gift for grandparents for the Holidays! @usfg

Send grandma and grandpa a GrandBox. The perfect gift for Grandparent’s Day or just to show them how much they are loved!

GrandBox is a monthly subscription box curated specifically for seniors 65 and up. Each box can be personalized with family photos and a note. It’s the perfect gift to bring a smile to your loved ones.

I love subscription boxes. Every month, the GrandBox team decides on a new theme that they put together in the boxes . Some fun themes may be Farmer’s Market Fun or Movie Night at the Drive-In.  Besides various goodies they include your family photos and personalized note.

This is my box…

grandboxI am sorry to say (no I’m not ), I ate the honey cornbread crisps first thing. Yummmm! I next tried the maple cookies and they were so delicious. Sweet, but delish. Had to send them over to my brother-in-law or I would have ate them all.

The TENZIE game was cool also. Every player gets 10 dice. The object of the game is to roll the dice as fast as possible, the player who gets all dice on the same number and yells “Tenzi!” is the winner. You must be quick to identify what number is best to try for. Tenzi is a fantastic game for 2 to 4 players of almost all ages.

I also ate up the packaged apples and also tried the Honey Almond air freshener. Such a nice smell.

Now you may think the price is steep, but I researched these items and you do get a fantastic deal. Add in the fact that you can send upt0 5 photos and a note. It is simple to order GrandBox  for the ones who cared about you.


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