Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique!

recorderI received this Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique to review. The recorder is very small and will fit in your pocket easily. I first had to charge is which is easy with the usb cord included. When it was charged, i recorded a few segments. Next just plug in the earphones that are also included to listen. Wow… I was impressed by the clear recording. Quite impressive!

Lets get down to the nitty gritty! Some major pros are that you can listen through the headphones, or you can transfer the files to your computer. Simple to use and it comes with good instructions. To begin recording, just switch the button o” and then switch to off to stop.  The price for this recorder is very reasonable.

My only drawback is that it is so small I am afraid I might lose it.

My main reason for wanting this is for a highschooler. I am so impressed with it, I amthinking I will get another for another highschooler who will be college bound soon. This will be so handy to record lectures or even record notes and assignments.

Just take a look…

Now it states the charge will last about 8 to 10 hours. So far I have been messing with it for more than 4 and it is still going. Another thing you can do is connect to your computer and transfer music to it. That way use it as a MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs. You can even download audio books to it.

It has a built-in 8 GB memory, you can store up to 96 hours of recordings easily without any hassle. I am sure we will be putting that to a test soon. 

All in all, I found Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique to be a great deal and a perfect stocking stuffer.

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One Response to Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique!

  1. Barbara Shirey says:

    Just be sure to always get permission to record someone. A parent got in serious trouble for turning on a recorder in their child’s backpack to catch a bully.