Oil Pastels, 36 Cols Washable Crayon! #Minikiki

crayons#Minikiki   Oil Pastel Crayons were my choice for the artist in the family. He has his future all planned out… Attending an Art School and then he plans to spring his talent on the world.

Now Oil Pastels can be quite expensive but these are reasonable.

They do blend really smoothly  and the coverage is good. I like the variations of color. On paper the colors ar very strong. Have to say I found it a bit easier to use than regular crayons. I also could press and hold harder than regular ones crayons. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure they do have a breaking point, I am just saying these Oil Pastels can take more pressure.

To be honest, this is not for just kids or teens. Oil Pastels are great for all artists (of any age), whether your the office, home and school. As I said before, Oil Pastels are easy to blend.  Will admit hands can become a little messy, but a little soap and water take care if that.

Above all else these Oil Pastels crayons are Non Toxic & Safe. They are CE & ASTM approved, which ensures that it is non toxic.

So have some fun and  use them in drawings, illustrations, designs, sketches, posters, murals, portraits, caricatures, comprehensives and collages.

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