Glass Meal Prep Containers

prep“Unlike thin glass food prep containers that easily shatter or plastic food bowls that quickly warp out of shape and have dangerous chemicals, our meal prepping containers are made using thicker glass for extra durability” 

This statment above rang out loudly at me when I got my  Glass Meal Prep Containers …Why you may ask? Well, I am known for a clumsy feat or two… you might guess I dropped one of these while unpacking them from the box.

You would be right! It went down and I just closed my eyes and winced as it hit the floor.

I was waiting for shattering glass. There was no shattering, and not even a crack. Now that is durable.

So you can do so many things with these compartment containers. It may look like the compartment sizes are small but infact they are great for controlled portions.

Plus it keeps food separated for those who do not like their food touching.

The reusable meal prep containers come with a snap-locking lid that creates an airtight seal.

Another plus in my book is that they come with a cutlery slot built right into the plastic lids. And that includes a reusable spoon, knife and fork.

I am telling you now this is a great little gift for someone that takes their lunch everyday.

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