AirJet-350 Multi-Function Hand Shower!

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AirJet-350 High Pressure Luxury Multi-Function Hand Shower! With High-Velocity Flow Accelerator(TM) Hydro-Engine that gives More Power with Less Water! Plus it has a Push-button Flow Control.

I guess the first thing I have to say is it is so easy to install. it came with everything I needed. I had it done in just a few minutes. Yes, istalled and ready to use.

The showerhead sets firmly in the holder, but it is easy to remove. I initially thought I was not sure about this showerhead because it was extremly lightweight when I opened the package. I will admit I was wrong.

It works great and has good water pressure and flow.

With Rain, Massage and Combination Flow Settings, showering is a relaxing experience.

As an added  bonus, it also comes with a pressure reinforced hose that is 6 feet in length.

I would normally choose something with a more brassy look, but this chrome like finish looks classy to me. The finish is quite astounding.

Reasonably Priced,  and has a good guarantee. As for me, I quite enjoy my mini spa feel with the AirJet-350 Multi-Function Hand Shower!

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