MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle!

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle and it comes with its own insulating sleeve. I do love fruit infusion water bottle that allows you to experience fresh fruit-infused drinks. It is durable, shatterproof (we know I tend to drop things), and it is BPA free and eco-friendly. Yes that means safe to drink out of. Just looking at it and you can see it does the job and looks stylish at the same time. The lid … Continue reading

Glass Meal Prep Containers

“Unlike thin glass food prep containers that easily shatter or plastic food bowls that quickly warp out of shape and have dangerous chemicals, our meal prepping containers are made using thicker glass for extra durability”  This statment above rang out loudly at me when I got my  Glass Meal Prep Containers …Why you may ask? Well, I am known for a clumsy feat or two… you might guess I dropped one of these while unpacking them from … Continue reading

Game On by John Mefford!

NEW RELEASE…. A callous prank or a deadly test of conviction?Ozzie has known one life — his adoptive life. Until he received the letter.Could there be another family member out there?Ten years have passed. Too much has changed.But blood runs deep. It’s a twisted game of riddles. And a girl’s life is on the line. Ozzie can’t deny the connection. But is it all just a cold-blooded trick? Ozzie won’t stop…can’t stop until he finds … Continue reading

On Edge (An Ozzie Novack Thriller) By John Mefford!

NEW RELEASE…. A mystery client. A professional hit. A ruthless man who asserts his will on anyone in his path. You believe your life is captured in moments…the ones you cherish, the ones you share. But in the blink of an eye, you lose every moment that holds special meaning. A respected law career. A larger-than-life father. The love of your life. Twenty-eight-year-old Ozzie Novak, while shaken to the core, refuses to acknowledge his father’s … Continue reading

Oil Pastels, 36 Cols Washable Crayon! #Minikiki

#Minikiki   Oil Pastel Crayons were my choice for the artist in the family. He has his future all planned out… Attending an Art School and then he plans to spring his talent on the world. Now Oil Pastels can be quite expensive but these are reasonable. They do blend really smoothly  and the coverage is good. I like the variations of color. On paper the colors ar very strong. Have to say I found it … Continue reading

Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique!


I received this Small Voice Recorder USB 8GB by Uqique to review. The recorder is very small and will fit in your pocket easily. I first had to charge is which is easy with the usb cord included. When it was charged, i recorded a few segments. Next just plug in the earphones that are also included to listen. Wow… I was impressed by the clear recording. Quite impressive! Lets get down to the nitty … Continue reading