“50/50 Day” Challenges Commitment To Gender Equality! #GettingTo5050

(PRNewsfoto/50/50 Day)

lm Studio Let It Ripple has announced the first-ever 50/50 Day with thousands of events around the globe in companies, schools, museums, and homes – wherever people already gather – all screening the same film and joining an interactive worldwide LiveCast Q&A featuring prominent thought leaders talking about gender imbalance in different parts of society. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 50/50 Day is a revolutionary global initiative based on the unique model of another global … Continue reading

Fate Of The “Trinity Root” 9.11 Memorial In Federal District Court!

The Trinity Root 9.11 Memorial Sculpture as it stood in the churchyard of Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan, close to historic St. Paul's Chapel. The enormous Sycamore tree absorbed the terrorist blasts from 9.11 and was ripped out of the ground by  the seismic impact of the attack.  The tree completely protected and saved St. Paul's Chapel from destruction.  Artist Steve Tobin created the Trinity Root Memorial Sculpture from the stump of the actual tree, casting it in bronze. (PRNewsfoto/Steve Tobin)

A Complaint was filed April 12 in Federal District Court on behalf of Pennsylvania artist Steve Tobin and his 9.11 memorial called The Trinity Root, which was removed from the site where it had stood at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan for a decade, by officials at Trinity Church. Lawyers representing the artist have cited the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA), which was legislation passed in 1990 to protect the rights … Continue reading

Best Beaches for Families to visit in 2017!

063012-Rehoboth Beach,DE.-reho.feature-Beautiful weather has brought out many visitors to Rehoboth Beach to enjoy the sun, surf and fun.
Special to the Daily Times / Chuck Snyder

Family Vacation Critic, TripAdvisor’s family travel site, has just released its annual list of the Best Beaches for Families – naming the best beaches in the U.S. for families traveling with children of all ages. “Beach vacations are at the top of so many families’ must-do list throughout the year,” explains Lissa Poirot, editor-in-chief of Family Vacation Critic. “Whether for a day trip or a longer vacation, our list aims to help families narrow down … Continue reading

Ally Introduces Fun Book to Help Teach Kids About Money!


In honor of Financial Literacy Month in April, Ally, a leading provider of digital financial services, has launched a new children’s book that uses a fun and futuristic storyline to teach money skills and concepts to kids ages 6-10. The book, called “Planet Zeee and the Money Tree,” is available for download beginning this month along with tips and resources to help parents talk to their kids about money. The new materials for families with children … Continue reading

5 Things To Do In the Aftermath Of A Fire!


It is extremely unfortunate to have your home or place of business be subjected to a fire, but this does happen from to time. This is a disaster that nobody wants to live through. If you happen to go through this at some point, you will want to keep the following five things in mind. Contact An Emergency Restoration Company You will want to contact a fire damage restoration service right away. These are the … Continue reading

Freedom From Abuse – Hushed Cries by Dorthea L. Hughes!


Morgan James’s new book release, Hushed Cries: Healing is Found in the Choices You Make by Dorthea L. Hughes is an honest, vulnerable, and victorious memoir about surviving sexual abuse as a child. Children who are sexually abused are vulnerable to a common path of self-destruction. Hughes uses her story as a precautionary tale to help other survivors avoid going down a dangerous path. Hushed Cries helps those who care about young people recognize the warning … Continue reading