Rand McNally’s Map It!™ Activity Book!


When you look at a detailed map, you almost always see something new, unexpected or intriguing. A new interactive book from Rand McNally invites readers to delve into the map even deeper.  Map It!™ Atlas of Brainy Challenges marries mapping from the classic Rand McNally Road Atlas with the popular trend of adult activity books, leading to an engaging hunt that sneaks in all sorts of geographic learning. The new book features 24 cleverly designed seek-and-find challenges that put readers’ navigation … Continue reading

Live Cams To Watch Brown Bears In The Wild!


explore.org is the largest live nature network in the world, streaming nearly 150 live nature cameras on 4 continents, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.  July and August kicks off two initiatives that their millions of viewers love – the post-hibernation return of the Brown Bears live in Katmai National Park. And, some incredible Shark live streaming footage that celebrates the truth and beauty of their misunderstood role in the world.  Far from fearsome creatures, … Continue reading

Collision, A New Novel By Debra Cooper!

Debra Cooper, a professional writer and speaker for more than 30 years, has written a compelling new novel, Collision. This is her second book. The story begins on a sunny August morning when an airplane leaves San Diego for New York with hundreds of people on board. Within minutes, the flight crashes into a mountain in what is later described as one of the worst airline disasters in the history of aviation. The stories of a priest, a neurosurgeon, a supermodel … Continue reading

Custody : 7 Tips for Divorcing Parents!


Everyone who has gone through a divorce has a war story to tell. So do the children. Parents contemplating divorce need to put the children’s needs to forefront, according to child custody expert Marlene Bizub in her book Contentious Custody: Is It Really in the Best Interest of Your Children? (Indie Books International, 2017). Bizub is a speaker and private consultant who has committed her professional life to working with children and families who are going through divorce and … Continue reading

Warning on the dangers of Trampolines!


During the summer months, many children are drawn to indoor and outdoor trampolines for fun and physical activity. And yet, trampolines can be extremely dangerous, especially for children under age 6. In 2015, there were more than 295,000 medically treated trampoline injuries in the U.S., according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, including 102,943 emergency department visits. “We want children to enjoy exercise and physical activity, especially during the summer months,” said AAOS spokesperson and Los … Continue reading

“No Cream In The Middle by Carlos Harleaux!

Like many writers, Carlos Harleaux took up poetry writing as a hobby – a creative outlet to have fun and relieve stress. After writing 300 poems, starting his company, 7th Sign Publishing, and authoring six books of his own, writing is more than an outlet for Harleaux, it’s a mission. The Texas native’s latest work, “No Cream In The Middle,” is the second part of a series following two sisters on their journeys to happiness. The first book, “Fortune Cookie,” follows Candice … Continue reading