Today is the Day to See Disney Pixar’s “Brave” in Theatres!

Oh the wait is over! “Brave” is finally here! It has been a long week waiting to tell you my views about this movie. On the 14th of this month my granddaughter and I made the trip to OKC and saw the screening. What an experience. Where to begin…. THE Basics!  Set in the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland, Disney•Pixar’s “Brave” follows the heroic journey of Merida a skilled archer and headstrong daughter of … Continue reading

Day 6 Leading up to Disney Pixar’s “Brave” Release June 22!

To prepare you for the release of “Brave” tomorrow, I have decided you need to learn some Scottish Lingo! BLUE WODE A blue dye extracted from a cabbage-type plant used by inhabitants of ancient Scotland to paint their bodies  v  Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin paint their bodies in blue wode to proclaim that they are ready for battle at any moment.   BRAE     Hill   BUNCH OF GALOOTS    Many fools galoot = clumsy, oafish person … Continue reading

Day 5 Leading up to Disney Pixar’s “Brave” Release June 22!

In just 2 days Disney Pixar’s “Brave” will be out in Theatres! So for my Day 5 Celebration I have decided to give you an edge on “Brave” Trivia!!!! Yup you can Razzle and Dazzle your friends with your Knowledge! Production of “Brave” the movie was started in 2005. Merida has 22 costume changes in the movie “Brave”. If Merida’s hair were straightened it would be 4 ft long. Queen Elinor’s hair, if unwrapped, would … Continue reading

Day 4 Leading up to Disney Pixar’s “Brave” Release June 22!

So what “Brave” goodies do I have today?! Well first I have a recipe for Bear Claws! One of King Fergus’ and Merida’s fave stories is how the peg-legged monarch lost his limb in skirmish with fearsome Mor’du. Inspired by the legendary bear, these rich, chocolaty cookies are tipped with slivered almond claws. Scarrrrrrry ain’t he!!??! Well here you go… You’ll need: Small heavy saucepan Wooden spoon Mixing bowls Whisk Electric mixer Baking sheet topped … Continue reading

Day 3 Leading up to Disney Pixar’s “Brave” Release June 22!

Want to make some Great Scottish Recipes to get in the mood for “Brave” coming out in theatres June 22? Here is a good one for you to try! Check it out and enjoy! Scotch Egg Recipe John Ricks – Pixar Animation Studios, Luxo Cafe Ingredients: 4 farm eggs, hard boiled, chilled and shelled 8 oz bulk pork sausage, best quality (turkey sausage can be substituted) 1 raw egg 1/4 cup milk 1/2 cup all-purpose … Continue reading

Day 2 Leading up to Disney Pixar’s Release of “Brave” June 22!

I do love this movie and want to share Disney’s ‘Brave Activity Book’ with you! Instructions and download are HERE   Also check out the new ‘Brave’ Summer Games Spot and enjoy! Dont forget to Like Brave on Facebook –   “Brave” opens in Theatres June 22… Make plans now to see it with your lil prince or princess!   Come back tomorrow and see what else there is ‘leading up to Disney Pixar’s release of … Continue reading