Tips to Make Holidays with Pets Memorable and Safe!

The holidays are for making memorable moments together, not just with two-legged family and friends, but also with our furry, scaly, finned and feathered family members. As pet parents prepare for the busiest time of the year, Petco shares tips and advice to make the holidays safe and enjoyable for pets and pet parents. “It’s our priority year-round to provide products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets healthy and happy,” said Rebecca Frechette, SVP … Continue reading

Keep your pets safe and secure from Halloween dangers!

Monsters and goblins will run wild soon so remember to keep your pets safe from Halloween dangers! Halloween can be challenging night for families with pets. While some pets enjoy the festivities, the strange sights and sounds may frighten others. Cats usually hide, but dogs may run away in fear – or run after trick-or-treaters in excitement. “Halloween can be unsettling – and even dangerous — for family pets. To ensure it is a fun night … Continue reading